Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Traditional Kelantan Fishing Boat

Dato' Jaffar Lamri is a prominent blogger with his blog Jaff Point. An avid art collector, Dato Jaff has in his stables a collection by such established artists as Mansor Ghazali, Rafiee Ghani, Suzlee Ibrahim, Ahmad Tajuddin, Pacha, Masnoor Ramli Mahmud, Dato' Hoessein Enas, Fauzan Omar and Khalil Ibrahim. There may be others safely kept in his vault which Pak Zawi may not even know.
It was a big surprise when Dato' asked Pak Zawi to paint the traditional fishing boats of Kelantan which Pak Zawi showed as being painted by reknown Kelantan water color artist Ismail Kadir in Pak Zawi's blog LAISI. Read about it here. It was with apprehension that Pak Zawi painted The Traditional Kelantan Fishing Boat as it was a very difficult subject whick Pak Zawi has never attempted before. This is something great as to be able to place Pak Zawi's painting in the collection of Dato' Jaffar is an achievement itself. Pak Zawi gave this job top priority and started work on it immediately. Pak Zawi didn't do the same subject as the one done by Ismail Kadir as it was too difficult for Pak Zawi. Instead of that Pak Zawi did a single boat moored against another jetty not far from it. It was a solitary boat with a very nice reflection and water ripples.
Anyway when the painting was done Pak Zawi emailed a photo of it to Dato' Jaff for his stamp of approval. He replied that he like it and gave Pak Zawi his address to deliver.

Here the painting still on the frame for stretching since Dato' wanted to do his own frame being packed ready for delivery by courier.
The painting must be received by now as Dato' has paid Pak Zawi very generously.
Another blogger friend working in Jeddah saw the picture of the painting and has requested Pak Zawi to paint another one for him from another angle. Pakpayne earlier had bought 10 paintings from Pak Zawi and had paid Pak Zawi generously too. Pak Zawi must keep these too clients happy since they are art collectors who appreciates paintings by newbies like Pak Zawi.
To both Dato' Jaff and Pakpayne, Pak Zawi would like to say THANK YOU! You really inspire me.


  1. Salam Pak Zawi,
    Actually you have done a great job on my request. You have set the traditional fishing boat on perfect landscape to my liking i.e river, house and greenery background. Further more you did it on impressionist style which is my favorite. Most of my collections are either abstract or impressionist paintings. Actually my collection is rather modest compared to some serious collectors. I love art for art sakes and to have your painting in my collection is an honor to me too. Actually you are not a new painter but have left painting for quite sometimes.... it's good to have you in the art community. My recommendation on your works will be BUY while it’s affordable. Soon you have to choose the subject matter that close to your heart in future painting.... right now your landscape, flowers and cockerel painting stand out very well and very distinguished. Kelantan is very famous for Serama, try and paints some of the real Juara Serama from Kelantan, it can be a hit. All the best my friend and thanks again for giving priority to my request.

  2. Dato' Jaff,
    I am so happy that you like my work for you. This comment of yours is a great compliment and it will spur me on to keep painting. Since I wasn't trained to paint, and learn about painting only recently on the internet, your analysis of my painting greatly opens my mind. For the moment I will explore my capability and when I am more definite about my subject matter and knows my streangth and weaknesses, I will be more focussed and paint only those subjects that are close to my heart.
    All paintings bought directly from Pak Zawi will always be affordable. The buyer more or less dictate the price. They pay whatever they think it is worth. I want to share God's gift to me with my friends. Those who bought from me may sell them at a higher price for a profit, well it is their good fortune and I don't mind it at all. I would like to use your comment to blog about my paintings in my future post as I think those comments from you will be a very good way of promoting my paintings.
    I will take your advice seriously. Painting the Ayam Serama is my favorite. I will go around to look them up.

    “Maghi Pakat Gi Jale”
    Tel: 609-747 9999


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