Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paintings I Have Recently Done

The following pictures are my present stock of paintings. Some are already reserved or were painted for certain person who made request for specific paintings. Pak Zawi tried his best to produce them.

Heliconia 3
This is one of the three in the Heliconia series. One of the earlier paintings done by Pak Zawi. heliconia was the first painting and it was bought by Zendra. Heliconia 2 was bought by a friend working in Jeddah.

Chinese Traditional House in Kampong Tepi Sungai
This painting took a long time before I can consider it done. Infact it was the one that took me the longest time with lots of frustration. This one was reserved by Mohd Zakriey of Seremban. Zack came for hari Raya to Pak Zawi's house and he collected his painting today.

Zack with The traditional chinese house or Rumah Tepi Sungai as Zack prefers to call it.

Sunset At Likas Bay
I was in Kota Kinabalu when I saw this beautiful sunset at Likas Bay.

An Old Building In Kota Bharu
This used to be the center of trade in Kota Bharu when the Kelantan River was the main waterways for transportation. Somehow this building was spared from being demolished and it was being cornered by the two new buildings housing Ridel Hotel on the Riveefront and The imposing but yet to be opened Pelangi Mall on one side. Currently only a hardware shop is operating within this building and the days of this hardware shop seems to be numbered. The one closest is now a swiflet hotel.

Wan Nordin and Azura is the owner of the Old Buiding In Kota Bharu.

En Wan Nordin of GUIKP came for Raya at Pak Zawi's house and took this painting home. He seems to love this painting among the many that was offered to him to choose. Wan forgot to take the painting when he left for home and Pak Zawi immediately alerted him and asked him to stop and wait for Pak Zawi to send the painting to him.

The Pink Lotus
The pink lotus is one of the two in the series.

Sunset At Port Dickson
Pak Zawi painted this for Oldstock of Johor Baru.

Telok Chempedak
Another one for Oldstock.

Pulau Pohon Batu Labuan
Almost opposite of Peace Park in Labuan there is a small rocky island with a few trees. The local name this island as Pulau Pohon Batu. during low tide, you can walk to the island. Just be careful not to be caught on the island at high tide as it is quite a distance to swim back. Pak Zawi had to go to Pantai Manikar to get the sun to set behind the island.

The Sanserviera
This painting of sanserviera or is also known as mother-in-law's tongue, the devil's tongue and snake plant was requested to be painted by my son Azuan.

The Papayas
I love papayas and always buy them especially when they becomes ripe while on the tree. Bought two of them from a neighbour.

The Traditional Kelantan Fishing Boat
Dato' Jaafar Lamri and avid art collector asked me to paint this painting. I hope I can do justice to your faith in me Dato'.

Those paintings that are not assigned to anybody specific are still available. So please email me at to indicate your intention to have them and I will have them delivered by courier to anywhere in Malaysia. Any offer will be accepted based on first come first served basis. So better be quick.
Thank you for supporting Pak Zawi in this new hobby.


  1. salam,

    cantik sungguh lukisan pak zawi. i have been a silent reader for sometime. this is my first visit to this new blog of yours. i had 'travelled' to your other blog. keep painting.

  2. Cikgu Zainab,
    Thank you for making the first comment.
    I am so happy to read that you like my painting. Why not own one while they are still affordable? Just choose anyone that is not assigned to anyone and make an offer, who knows you may end up owning one soon or tell me what is your favourite and I will paint one specially for you. Just email Pak Zawi at

  3. pak zawi..

    tolong lukis kan satu .. another angle of the traditional old fishing village....for me, pelaseeeeee...i fell in love with the one u painted for Dato!


  4. Pakpayne,
    OK it will be done. Yours will be top priority.