Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paintings For My Friend

A good friend ordered ten paintings from Pak Zawi. This order really surprised Pak Zawi as the numbers involved was quite large by Pak Zawi's standard. Others have only requested one painting or two. Since this order involved some financial interest to Pak Zawi as the buyer was willing to pay any reasonable price that Pak Zawi may ask and he was even willing to pay in advance and indeed he has paid in advance! What was even more surprising was the price paid was much more than the amount that Pak Zawi had indicated. Such was his confidence and appreciation of Pak Zawi after seeing a few samples of Pak Zawi's works..
So to reciprocate his goodwill, Pak Zawi has decided to give his order top priority above all others who may have ordered earlier than him. Please don't feel offended if he can be considered to have jumped the queue as Pak Zawi really needed this income to purchase equipments and materials to paint. This sale beside the first sale of the first painting to Zendra has boosted Pak Zawi's confidence to carry on painting immensely. There is no better drug to boost this confidence and spur Pak Zawi on to create more pieces which can be considered as works of art from Pak Zawi's heart. Just bear with Pak Zawi and Pak Zawi will honour all those who have asked for a piece from Pak Zawi. Remember the price will remain affordable and you pay what you deem as worth. The price will increase only with the quality of the frame requested. If the frame is not required, Pak Zawi will accept any reasonable ammount offered and will bear the cost of postage and packing for delivery within Malaysia but the buyer will have to pay for postage and packing if the painting is to be delivered overseas.
The following paintings had just came back from the frame maker. The buyer had requested a good frame and this double layered frame cost RM130 a painting. Smaller or thinner frames could cost much less.

The Pink Water Lily

The Mangoesteen.
This painting has undergone some transformation from the earlier work as the backdrop didnt seem to complement the subject. When buying mangoesteen, Pak Zawi is very meticulous and will select only a slightly ripe fruits. This will give the fruits longer shelf life compared to completely ripe fruits. The flesh is firmer too. So when buying mangoesteen, please select those fruits with the above color.
Peace Park Labuan
While visiting Pak Zawi's daughter in Labuan, Pak Zawi chanced upon this clear blue sky with the picturesque white bridge over a mirror like lake in the park. It is really a sight that mesmerized Pak Zawi. So when visiting Labuan, do not forget to visit Peace Park and explore the area. It is so peaceful and serene. Even Pak Zawi's daughter Azini who lives in Labuan didn't realize the existence of this bridge.

The Black and White Kois

The Moth.

The moth can be as pretty as its cousin the butterflies.

The Asplenium Nidus
This fern is called The Birdnest Fern. Pak Zawi's wife love to grow this fern in the house compound. It is relatively easy to grow and take care of. Just water it regularly and it will be very happy.

Ayam Serama
This cockerel is loved for it's miniature size and beauty. Kelantan is very famous for breeding such birds for its beauty. This bird can be trained to show itself by posing to exude all the colorful beauties of its feather. Being a proud performer, Pak Zawi put this miniature cockerel under the spotlight.

The Cockerel
The buyer requested that Pak Zawi paint a cockerel for him because he loves them and has another two paintings he bought from a wellknown artist on the internet.
Pak Zawi went hunting to shoot photographs of cockerel. Pak Zawi shudder at the thought of his painting of a Malaysian cockerel against the beauty of foreign cockerels when displayed side by side.
The above eight paintings together with the Yellow Catleya and Heliconia 2 will be the 10 paintings offfered to this buyer.
I hope the buyer will be happy with this selection for him. Do you want to know who is this generous buyer? Puteri Kamaliah knows and so does Akmal of Wiseup.


  1. Frame is important. A painting without a frame is like a suit without a tie. And you know, there are ties that are more expensive than the suit. Go figure. May be now you are retiring that Alpha 300? All the best.

  2. I love your paintings, I really do. I can't paint to save my life. You are very talented.

  3. Mazle,
    Always a pleasure to read your comments. You always have something different for me each time. Kalu kelik gak singgah la dumoh.

  4. Cikgu Nazir,
    Thank you for appreciating my work. You have the talent to paint too, just that you haven't given it a try. You will definitely make a great abstract painter which is someting I find to be very difficult to do.

  5. I can see clearly that you have improved so much over the few paintings that you have made.It looks like the paintings of peace park labuan onwards have taken you to a new dimension and creativity. It great works my friend syabas.

  6. Dato'
    Coming from you what you wrote really made my day. I will continue to work on my paintings and improve them even more. Thinking of enrolling myself in an art class so that I can get the basic right though I may not change my style.
    Thank you Sir.

  7. Pak Zawi...

    di daun di hujung dahan
    meninggalkan bunga nan layu
    terbang mencari kuntum2 baru!

    Ayam serama bangga diri
    ekor berlabuh menyembunyikan kaki
    kecil jasad, besar semangatnya
    ingin menerbangi serata dunia!

    Ikan dikolam, jantan dan betina
    jangan tersalah sangka dengan kelibatnya
    mengikut kata P Ramlee nujum pak belalang
    yang jantan itu haruslah di belakang!

    Sungguh halus bakat seni
    dihujung jari jemari pak zawi
    saya sekadar dari jauh memerhati
    melontar kata-kata pengganti diri
    semoga terus berjaya di depan hari
    pak zawi, lukisannya dari hati
    ...sebelum berundur diri,
    izinkan saya mengucapkan
    "Selamat hari raya eidilfitri!"


  8. Pakpayne,
    Adush, halusnya bahasa yang PP gunakan,
    Tiada kata secantik bahasa
    Segala kesilapan nescaya kita maafkan
    Budi mu tuan akan dibalas yang maha Esa.